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Peer Notetaker Program

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Students with documented disabilities may be eligible to receive class notes from a classmate as an accommodation through Disability Services. Below are the steps for students who qualify for this accommodation:

How to Request Class Notes

  1. Submit your Semester Request in Accommodate for the term to send Faculty Accommodation Letters to your faculty ASAP. See the step-by-step instructions here
  2. Review your course and the class format to determine if supplemental notes are needed. (Ex: peer notes for an online or asynchronous courses typically are not needed.) 
  3. Fill out the Request Peer Note-taker Form with the classes you are requesting peer notes. 
  4. Contact Disability Services if you encounter any problems or concerns at

Once your request is placed, Disability Services will anonymously email the class roster. After a Peer Note-taker is assigned, you will receive an email notification from Accommodate each time notes are uploaded.

Peer Notetaker Program Policies

  • Disability Services coordinates the Peer Notetaker Program and keeps all parties' identities anonymous.
  • Inform Disability Services if you require notes in a particular file format so that they can be accessed with assistive technology.
  • Attend all of your courses to determine if notes and/or PowerPoint slides will be available to the class, mitigating your need for supplemental notes.
  • Receiving peer class notes as an accommodation does not replace your responsibility to attend or participate in class.
  • If you are able to do so, you are encouraged to still take your own class notes and use peer class notes as a supplement.
  • Notes received are not to be shared in any way.

Are you interested in being a Peer Notetaker?

Disability Services recruits dozens of volunteers to share their class notes each semester. Do you take legible, neat, and well-organized class notes? Do you regularly attend class? If your answer is yes, you would make a great peer note-taker! Watch for an email announcement to your UCCS email requesting a volunteer. As an incentive, peer note-takers who consistently share their notes throughout the semester receive Clyde's Cash, which can be used at the campus dining facilities.