Testing Accommodations


Testing Accommodations

Student Responsibilities:

  • Provide the Faculty Accommodation Letter to instructors and discuss testing accommodations.
  • Students must talk to their professor before each upcoming test appointment.
  • Students must schedule a Test Appointment with Disability Services at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Tests must be taken at the same date/time that the class meets. Exceptions are evening classes, back to back classes or prior special permission from the instructor
  • Students have the responsibility to follow the University Academic Honor Code while testing.
  • All materials, including cell phones or electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room.

Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Submit all exams for the semester to Disability Services (DS) when DS is providing test accommodations and proctoring the test. Exams/quizzes/tests should be submitted online through RegisterBlast at least 48 hours prior to exam date.
  • Professors have the responsibility to provide clear proctoring instructions and any information they plan to provide their class, including handouts, graphs, equations, extra credit, etc.
  • Completed exams will be scanned and emailed to faculty member by Disability Services.


How to Upload Exams in RegisterBlast

  1. Log in to RegisterBlast
    • The home screen or Students tab displays current registrations for upcoming exams and completed exam dates with start/end times.
    • You can filter by date using the calendar display to see past or upcoming registrations.
  2. Select Submissions from top tool bar.
    • Select New + on the right-hand side.
    • Enter Test Name in the following format COURSEID_SEC_EXAMNAME (i.e. CHEM3010-001_Quiz2)
    • Attach exam file and complete information
    • The form saves information from the submission, but you can “Clear Form” by selecting “clear form” at top of page.
    • Submit submission when completed.

RegisterBlast FAQ’s:

  1. I don’t see my students when I log in:

    You will not see the students registered to your exam until we have manually connected them to your test. This step is usually done the day before the student is registered to take the exam. Once they have been connected, you will be able to see who has taken your exam and what the status is. (i.e. taken, being taken or complete; listed by exam)

  2. I have more than one document to upload for the exam.

    You can upload as many documents to the submission as your need. Under “Choose File” button, select the “Add an additional file” button (as shown in the picture below).

    example image

  3. Uploading Format: File Names and Proctoring Instructions
    • Please name your exams accordingly: Course Number, section number and then Exam name: (i.e. COMM1000_001_Midterm)