Campus Events

UCCS is committed to providing access and reasonable event accommodations to University sponsored events. Materials announcing public events should (1) state that the event is accessible and that reasonable accommodations may be made for people with disabilities, and (2) provide the event sponsor name and contact information. The event sponsor is responsible for receiving requests for and arranging event accommodations.

To request an event accommodation, please contact the event sponsor as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours before the event, so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Event Services and Scheduling coordinates campus event scheduling and resources and planning needs.

For UCCS faculty/staff events or activities, please consult with UCCS Human Resources to request accommodations. For UCCS student events or activities, further advice may also be requested from the Office of Disability Services at or 719-255-3354.


Accessibility Tips for Event Organizers

  • Make handouts available in electronic format
  • Include captions for videos
  • When setting up seating, tables/chairs, etc. all thruways should be at least 36" wide to accommodate wheel chairs
  • Use a microphone when available